Four Reasons To Add a Patio Seating Wall to Your Outdoor Space

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If you’re looking for a functional and elegant outdoor seating solution, a patio seating wall could be a great choice. Patio seating walls are tough, weatherproof, and customizable to perfectly match the aesthetic of your back yard with the help of an outdoor living space contractor. Learn the top four reasons you should consider a patio seating wall below.

1. Less Need for Expensive Patio Furniture

Do you enjoy hosting backyard barbecues, intimate dinner parties, and spirited family gatherings on the holidays? If you like to invite people to your home, you might have a storage shed cluttered with patio furniture that you only set out when guests arrive. With a patio seating wall, you can get rid of those piles of lawn chairs. A seating wall reduces your need for backyard furniture, giving you more space in your storage shed and on the patio.

Plus, the average lawn furniture can’t withstand years of wear and tear. Over time, metal furniture rusts, cushions get moldy, and plastic chairs crack from heat exposure. Patio seating walls are made of stone, which means they can handle decades of sun, snow, wind, and rain. Once you’ve made the initial investment with your patio wall, you won’t be stuck replacing worn-out furniture year after year.

2. Add Beauty and Charm to Your Outdoor Space

A patio seating wall can transform even the most boring back yard into a stunning landscape that’s sure to impress your guests. You can use a patio seating wall to create a focal point or even draw attention away from other parts of your yard.

Seating wall stones can be textured for a rustic look or smooth for a stately and modern appearance. Stones are available in a wide range of colors, from cool gray to warm and inviting sandy hues. No matter the look you’re going for, you can build a seating wall that blends in seamlessly with your patio, back yard, and home.

3. Enhance Fire Features

A fire pit allows guests to enjoy drinks, games, and lively conversation around warm and relaxing flames. Patio seating walls are the perfect complement to backyard fire features. You can angle your seating wall around the pit, giving everyone more space to relax and kick back. Guests will also have more room to put plates and beverages, so there’s no need to put extra patio tables near the fire.

If you’re concerned about fire pit safety, a patio seating wall is a must-have. Your wall can block dangerous sparks from flickering into your yard and causing a fire that’s difficult to contain. It also serves as a barrier to help prevent young children from wandering too close to the flames.

4. Better Backyard Flow

No two back yards are quite the same. If your yard has unusual slopes or drop-offs, an outdoor living spaces contractor can build your seating wall around them. Contractors can also customize existing retaining walls to serve as seating for your guests.

Patio seating walls help control the flow of traffic throughout your back yard. If you routinely have large gatherings, it can be hard for guests to move around your yard without bumping into each other. A patio seating wall segments your yard so guests have a better idea of where to walk and stand.

Design Tips for Patio Seating Walls

If you are interested in adding a patio seating wall to your back yard, you’re probably eager to get started. But before you do, it’s important to plan your project so you’ll have a better idea of the final result.

Many outdoor living space contractors recommend a patio seating wall length of approximately four feet or longer. This gives guests enough room to sit comfortably with plenty of space in between. You may want to base your wall’s length on how many guests regularly visit your home. This ensures your wall will be long enough for everyone to have a place to sit.

Your patio seating wall should measure 18 to 24 inches high with a smooth cap top about one foot wide. Don’t build your seating wall too high, or guests will have trouble reaching it. High seating walls can also be dangerous for young children and pets if they fall off.

When considering the angle of your seating wall, it’s best to go with the flow of your patio paver stones. Whether your patio stones are curved or straight, try to match the flow for the most cohesive look.

Do you need more design ideas for your patio seating wall? Consider the following insider tips from our experts for building a seating wall that stands out:

  • Build your patio seating wall to match the natural flow of your yard. You can use your wall to soften harsh corners or blend in with dips and slopes.
  • Seating walls can perfectly match the look and texture of all patio styles. If you’d like more visual interest, you can build your wall with stones of different colors, textures, and patterns. For example, a black patio seating wall would look striking against a white or pale gray patio. You’re not limited to basic paver patio stones — red bricks, concrete blocks, and tumbled natural stones work well, too.
  • Play around with accents, such as columns at the end of seating wall caps or walls of different heights. Try building flower beds around the edges of your seating wall for a bright burst of color and extra visual appeal.

Hire an Outdoor Living Spaces Contractor for Your Patio Seating Wall Project

If you’ve been inspired by these cozy patio ideas, Pacific Outdoor Living wants to help you make your patio seating wall dreams a reality. Our hardscape experts can design a beautiful patio seating wall that exceeds your expectations and will have all your guests saying, “Wow!” To learn more about the services we offer, book a consultation or call Pacific Outdoor Living at (360) 863-2058 today.

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