10 Outdoor Hardscape Ideas To Take Inspiration From in 2023

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Your home may be the place to hang out for Superbowl parties, holidays, and get-togethers, but what about your outdoor space? Is it an expansive entertaining zone? Do you have a fully operational outdoor kitchen? Or is it your private relaxation space?

Check out these outdoor hardscape ideas from our team at Pacific Outdoor Living, an outdoor living space contractor in Monroe, WA, to learn how to add utility and beauty to your outdoor space for relaxation or entertaining.

Create an Outdoor Living Space for Entertaining or Relaxing

Whether you need to wind down after a week at work or you’re a party animal who has friends and family over regularly, find the perfect way to utilize your space.

Raised Conversation Circle

Gone are the days of sunken conversation pits in living rooms. Elevate a patio section outside and surround a central fire pit or round table with comfortable benches or patio chairs. Have friends over to catch up over a glass of wine.

Extra-Long Benches

Allow guests to appreciate the garden while keeping pathways clear by building a long bench for additional seating that doubles as a garden wall. It will also allow you to sit down when you need to do work in your garden.

Home Away from Home

You may not come from the place where you live now. If you moved to a coastal town from the desert, incorporate red clay, turquoise, and cacti into your hardscape. If you now live in the Pacific Northwest and miss Florida, a concrete slab patio with embedded seashells and a short garden wall made from glass bricks will do the trick.

Get the Most From These Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens

If you’re a foodie who loves having friends and family over to entertain, an outdoor kitchen is essential. In rainy or humid zones, be sure to add a roof covering to keep your equipment dry.

Pizza Ovens Are All the Rage

Food content creators around the globe are showing off their sponsored pizza ovens while they make bread, pizza, and calzones. Install a stainless steel model in your outdoor kitchen or build a traditional wood-burning brick oven and wow your guests every time.

Outdoor Dining Ideas

If you’re going to cook, you and your guests need a place to eat. A long table can fit quite the spread, including charcuterie, wine bottles, and platters of cooked foods. Glass is easy to clean, but a rustic wood table can add a traditional appearance to your yard.

Add Healing Vibes With Water Features and Greenery

If you want your yard to be your refuge from the rest of the world, add water features and decorative plants with alternating bloom patterns so you always have something pretty in your space.

Waterfall and Fountain Features

Whether you prefer a crashing noise from a high waterfall or a light bubbling from a fountain, your hardscape designer can work with your space and budget to find the best solution.

Take Inspiration from Japanese Rock Gardens or French Courtyards

If you don’t have the time or budget to maintain a lush green lawn or landscape, consider concrete, rocks, gravel, stone, and other mineral investments. Add some natural beauty with lavender, bushes, and dwarf evergreen trees.

Give Your Space a Rustic Fairytale Look with Arbors

Arbors are archways that many use over garden paths. They come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Cover Pathways or Create a Pathway with Arbors

Common arbor structures include wood beams, powder-coated metal arches, and patio frames. The arbors create open walls and ceilings to hang lights, trellises, and decorative coverings for pathways and patio areas. You can keep the outdoors light and airy with white arbors, maintain a rustic look with stained wood, or add a sleek, modern look with powder-coated black metal arbors.

Add Trellises for Vertical Gardens

If you’re already adding frames to create the illusion of a structure to your yard’s hardscaping, add trellises to hang small potted plants, additional lighting, or plants that grow along vertical vines. Trellises come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials now, complementing any style of garden or entertaining space.

Create a Multi-Functional Outdoor Space by Mixing Hardscape Materials and Styles

If you sometimes like entertaining outdoors, and sometimes want to quietly enjoy a cup of coffee in front of the fire pit with just your dog for company, mixing hardscape styles can help you enjoy all of your outdoor hardscape ideas.


This material is ultra-modern, although it sometimes gives a vibe of coldness. Pair concrete with a warmer material like brick or wood to make your outdoor space welcoming to all.


This natural material requires sanding, staining, and regular maintenance. Weathering over time fades wood to a cool gray tone. Use wood to soften hard edges and for seating.


Natural stone offers a range of colors and textures in outdoor spaces. Giant slabs can build patio sections or natural stairways down a sloped lawn.


Tile comes in all sorts of materials, including clay, ceramic, stone, glass, and colored concrete. You can use tile to create mosaics, backsplashes, patio decks, walkways, and more. Use it functionally to separate zones in your entertaining areas or decoratively to add color and texture to your hardscape.


Brick offers a warm color in shades including reds, browns, beiges, grays, whites, and more. Brick patterns can dictate a flow around your yard with herringbone or straight brick pathways.


Metal can be cold like stainless steel, or warm like wrought iron. Many lightweight aluminum products now emulate iron without the necessary maintenance.

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