16 Ideas for a Small Outdoor Entertainment Space

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Take a moment, close your eyes, and picture your ideal outdoor entertainment space. Are you looking to gather the family around the outside dining table for movie nights? Do you want the ultimate relaxation with a stock tank pool or hot tub as your home oasis?

However you want to customize your yard, you can count on Pacific Outdoor Living to build it. As Monroe’s trusted outdoor living space contractor, our outdoor space contractors can build an outdoor entertainment space to fit your lifestyle.

Here are 16 ideas to spark your inspiration!

1. Big Events, Small Spaces

Set up an entertainment nook with a projector and collapsible screen. Some are even available to hook up directly to your smartphone!

Cheer on your sports team, enjoy family movie night or binge your favorite streaming show under the stars on a custom deck.

2. Create a Cozy Space with Outdoor Furniture

If you’re dreaming of an afternoon nap outdoors on your patio, wake up and install a swing or self-standing hammock!

Place a small dining or coffee table nearby to bring a cold (or hot) beverage to your fingertips, and sleep is only a few minutes away.

3. Get Cookin’ with an Outdoor Kitchen

Lacking room for a marble-topped kitchen area complete with twelve burners, a sink, and a cocktail bar? You can still liven up your space with a built-in tabletop grill, a serving cart, coolers, and lap trays for your guests to fire things up!

No need to run inside to get a snack or drink and miss a touchdown ever again! Drop in a few repurposed side tables and a mini-fridge for perfect and immediate access.

4. Light up the Night

Now you can experience the ambiance of dining out…in your backyard. Install battery-powered or standard string lights to create the perfect and inviting atmosphere for an evening with your family. Use small bulbs to light your small space without creating too much clutter.

5. Maximize Space with Custom Seating

Find lightweight storable folding seats and tables that you can use to entertain during get-togethers.

Bring in colorful and cushiony outdoor ottomans and poufs to add extra seating. When your company is gone, you can collapse and store it back up quickly to regain space on your small patio or deck.

6. Store Smarter with Mini-sheds or Storage Benches

In a small yard, it’s crucial that every tool has its place. Invest in a mini-shed to store your garden tools, trimmers, grills, and even lawnmowers out of the way when not in use.

Storage benches can also serve double duty as guests can use them to sit on during parties and game time. 

Both options also protect your valuable equipment against the weather and sun.

7. Add Color

A quick and affordable way to decorate: toss a comfortable blanket and some decorative pillows to complement your furniture.

Paint your fence or wall to provide an attractive focal point.

Color will make your space more appealing and comfortable for you and your guests. 

8. Make a Big (or Small) Splash

Stock tank pools are making waves in the latest small backyard space ideas. They offer a cost-efficient, easily manageable, and entirely fun way to upgrade your home.

And if a pool is too much work for you, consider creating a simple water fountain centerpiece using planters, a water pump, and a few items you can pick up at your local hardware store.

9. Relax with a Backyard Spa

Standalone or sunken hot tubs provide an accessible and convenient escape from the day throughout the year.

Bonus: you only need a limited amount of space to install one!

10. Serious Playtime

Don’t have room for a complete playground or gym? Put up a swing on a tree or buy a self-standing rocker or swing bench.

If you have kids over, consider putting up a portable basketball hoop or goalie net for instant entertainment and easy storage.

11. Think Vertically

While you may not have much horizontal space in your outdoor area, your vertical space can compensate for it. Decorate your walls with weatherproof art or sculptures. 

Use hanging vines, garden plants, or even vegetables to grow for your cooking. Plant upright shrubs or trees for a beautiful and natural privacy wall. 

12. Create Shade with a Pergola

Want to give your family a great deal of privacy from your neighbors and give adequate protection from the sun?

A custom pergola can fit even the smallest patios and offer shade. Choose a lightweight fabric that lets some light peek through to make your outdoor space feel larger.

13. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors magnify natural lighting and open up your space for a fresh look with minimal cost.

14. Add Pavers to Your Yard

Add some design and detail with concrete and decorative pavers to upgrade your outdoor space. Inexpensive and practical for small yards, pavers give your area additional appeal. Use stencils, paint, and sealant to add more personality, color, and durability!

15. Curl up on an Outdoor Rug

Find a weatherproof rug that matches your style and taste to make your deck more welcoming and cozy. 

Rugs open up your small patio area and create a unique and vibrant spot for dining or relaxing.

16. Ignite Conversation with a Fire Pit

Portable and permanent fire pits add a nice touch of class to small areas. They encourage families and friends to enjoy time together outdoors.

Certain pits also feature grill plates for barbecues to enhance the experience. S’mores, anyone? 

Please ensure adequate space between your home and your fire pit. Read more about safety guidelines for outdoor fire pits here.

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