How to Create a Cozy Patio: 9 Ideas

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Living in the Pacific Northwest, you certainly know how annoying it is to be cooped up in your home during the rainy season. When the weather finally does break and you want to relax outdoors in a comfortable space, you might be wondering how to create a cozy patio.

Whether you’re looking to build a quiet sanctuary or an area for entertaining, here are some patio ideas to help you put together that perfect space for your morning coffee or dinner with friends. Pacific Outdoor Living, Monroe’s outdoor living space contractor, can guide you with friendly, expert advice.

1. Find the Right Spot

For ultimate coziness, t’s a good idea to build your outdoor space as close to your home as possible. This will make it easier when you’re bringing food and drinks to the area. If you have a large yard, you could build your patio off to one side, particularly if that spot has a great view or the right amount of light or privacy.

You should try to avoid putting outdoor living spaces under conifer trees or any tree that drops needles, pods, or leaves. You’ll be stuck with a lot of cleaning and furniture maintenance from the dropping needles and sap.

If your yard is small, consider a table with stools that can neatly tuck into tight spaces.

2. Add a Stone Walkway

One good way to blend your new space into your yard is with an attractive stone walkway. This creates an inviting path with hints of the cozy patio tucked away in a corner. You can also light the path, making it safe and easy to see at night.

3. Add a Fire Pit

Keep in mind that the Monroe area, even in the summer, gets cool in the morning, evening, and night. If you want to spend more time on your cozy patio, add a fire pit or some type of heating element. A nice stone fire pit will also bring some extra style and the perfect place to roast marshmallows.

4. Comfy Seating is Crucial

There are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor furniture, including chairs, benches, and sectionals. Make sure whatever you buy is comfortable, or no one will use it. Since your seating will be outdoors, also make sure the fabrics are weather-resistant.

5. Spruce up the Space with Outdoor Furniture

You have a few choices when it comes to outdoor furniture. As a rule of thumb, remember that the better the quality (and often, the higher the price tag), the longer it will last.

Teak or Eucalyptus Wood

Teak furniture is definitely worth the cost. It’s a true hardwood and secretes a protective oil to prevent moisture damage. Outdoor furniture made out of eucalyptus wood is another good option since it’s rot-resistant and durable.

Resin and Recycled Plastic Furniture

While wicker outdoor furniture provides a classic, vintage look, it doesn’t hold up very well to the weather. If you love the look of wicker, try synthetic resin wicker. Since it’s basically a heavy-duty plastic, it won’t fade in the sun or blow away in moderate wind.

Recycled plastic furniture is another good choice. You can leave these pieces outside all the time, and they’ll be fine in the Pacific Northwest climate.

Metal Outdoor Chairs and Tables

Aluminum, wrought iron, and stainless steel furniture are all certainly good options. If you take care of these pieces properly, they’ll last for years. When it starts to rain, you can leave everything outside, uncovered. These types of furniture will also hold their ground when the wind swoops in.

If you do buy unpainted wrought iron furniture, make sure to paint it as soon as possible to prevent rust.

6. Don’t Pull the Rug Out From Your New Space – Add One!

If you’re looking to pull together your cozy patio, a stylish outdoor rug can really do the trick. Outdoor rugs add texture, pattern, and color to your outdoor space. Durable outdoor rugs made out of recycled plastic are available.

These rugs will also help to keep your feet clean and provide comfort. You won’t have to walk on hot wood or concrete during the summer.

7. Comfy Pillows Also Help

Looking for some luxurious lounge time or a nap? Get some weather-resistant pillows to toss on your chairs, benches, and sectionals. These will also add a dash of extra style to your patio.

8. Add a Ceiling Light with a Fan

There are a few advantages to installing a ceiling light with a fan on your cozy patio. The fan will provide some additional comfort by moving the air around, dispersing any hot, stagnant air in the area. If you’re entertaining friends or hanging out in the outdoor space at night, you’ll have some light.

9. Hang Outdoor String Lights and Other Lighting

The right lighting will also make your outdoor patio more stylish and inviting. And if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your space at night, it’s also certainly functional.

Outdoor lighting options include:

  • Electric table and floor lamps
  • Outdoor string lights
  • Flameless LED candles

If you want to go with flames (just be careful!), you can also use tiki torches or candles.

Create the Perfect Outdoor Patio with Pacific Outdoor Living

We know that after a long day at work, it’s great to relax on a cozy patio. With the right furniture, cushions, and more, friends and family will look forward to spending time in the space you’ve created.

Check out our tips, and also keep in mind the Pacific Northwest weather. It’s a good idea to consider patio and deck covers since we experience rainfall even in the summer months. When you’re ready to design a custom cozy patio, give us a call to discuss your design goals. We offer outdoor fireplaces, stairs, walkways, built-in benches, seating, and other budget patio ideas. 

Call us today at Pacific Outdoor Living at (360) 863-2058 or fill out an online quote request for your outdoor patio ideas in or around Monroe, WA.

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