5 Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Consider for This Fall and Winter

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One of the joys of buying your dream home is finding the perfect backyard. You may have big social plans—entertaining, feeding your family, hosting cookouts—and even building an outdoor kitchen to house all your fun in the sun. 

But summer isn’t the only time of year you can use your outdoor kitchen space. There are plenty of ways to keep it warm and cozy this fall and winter. Looking for backyard covered outdoor kitchen ideas? Let Pacific Outdoor Living, Monroe’s trusted outdoor living space contractor, help. Here are some fresh ideas to get you started on the backyard setup of your dreams! 

#1 Center Your Design on a Firepit

One favorite outdoor kitchen feature is the conversation-starter firepit. Building your backyard kitchen around the fire is an old, beloved tradition for a reason: it brightens up the night. And most importantly, it keeps you and your family warm. Talks around the fire are as old as fire itself, and many a dream—and romance—has taken flight there. It’s the perfect dreamy way to wind down. 

Even when the weather turns chilly in the fall and winter, you don’t have to pack it in! Get a roaring fire going to roast sausages or toast marshmallows and enjoy your backyard living space year-round. Whether you envision family dinners, brunches, or date nights in your outdoor living space, the heat and light of a firepit can bring it to life. 

Even better: Add a stone or wood bench to the retreat and rest your feet. You deserve it—for whatever you’re cooking up in your outdoor garden kitchen. 

#2 Go Brick and Stone

Imagine cooking a meal in a patio kitchen with plenty of natural stone counter space and plenty of room to move around. You can bring out a speaker or make your own music. Creating an outdoor space that feels as safe and warm as your house is more than possible—just look for the right materials and plan for the typical weather in your area. 

If you want something with durability, try stone, concrete, or even wood for an all-weather retreat. Protection from the elements is important both for you and for your outdoor living space if you want to enjoy it during the colder months. Designs that include glass or stone are great ways to keep it cozy and open, whereas an all-stone or slate setup offers a feeling of stability and comfort and would be great for a larger space. 

#3 Add a Covered Pergola 

One of the most beloved covered outdoor kitchen ideas: add a touch of nature by nestling your space in a garden or growing vines up and around a pergola. These open-construction designs create an instantly classic look and will set off your backyard kitchen perfectly.  

You’ll love the romance of building memories in a beautiful bower and knowing privacy is just a curtain or drapery away. Build your pergola in a neutral color, and you can hang fabric of whatever shade or pattern best matches across them for shade—or for winter warmth, double up your pergola with a canopy to help protect you from the elements. 

The pergola is a strong structure and has a pleasing vaulted shape that will keep you happy and comfortable throughout the year. And don’t forget the lights! Strings of café lights or Edison bulbs—maybe even the twinkling brightness of holiday lighting—can create any mood you’d like to try. 

#4 Spruce up Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Fireplace or Oven

It’s not all just about the space, or even about filling it when it comes to outdoor kitchens. Features like fireplaces and waterfalls aren’t just conversation starters—they’re ways to extend your comfort and that of your family and guests. 

A fireplace is the best for cozy snuggling, quiet contemplation, or something to watch as the night goes by. Pair it with a large outdoor sofa for family fun times, or throw down a luxurious blanket to get up close and warm. People are drawn to firelight because it’s beautiful and makes everything around it beautiful. Add some candles for an extra bit of warm light. 

A wood-burning stove, standalone chiminea, or brick pizza oven also means keeping firewood at the ready—so it’s best to plan out where to store it before you start building. And of course, you’ll want the option to “grill and chill” with a charcoal, electric, or gas grill. Healthy meals prepared outdoors, even in fall and winter, are a great way to show your love for your family and treat yourself. 

#5 Say Cheers to an Outdoor Bar

After a lovely dinner or even a party, you notice it’s a gorgeous night. Maybe it’s sweater weather, or maybe it’s unseasonably hot. Whatever the case, you want to retire to your outdoor kitchen and keep the conversation going in a new environment. 

Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be solely a dining area! Bring the party outside or enjoy a drink with loved ones at an outside bar.  

Some of the best conversation areas require a small, private-feeling place. Enclosing the bar or making it the focal point will make those conversations more comfortable… And speaking of comfort, take extra time to consider your outdoor seating. How many chairs, stools, or outdoor sofas will your ideal party or dining area need? 

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