Can You Build a Deck in the Winter?

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The Pacific Northwest offers surprisingly mild temperatures but has extreme rainfall conditions, making it challenging to know when to complete your outdoor renovation projects. At Pacific Outdoor Living in Monroe, Washington, our clients often ask, “Can you build a deck in the winter?”

The answer is yes — and we even recommend doing so!

Why is building a new deck during cold weather better than in summer? Below, we explain the top reasons why the off-season offers ideal conditions for building your new deck in the winter.

can you build a deck in the winter

Potential For Faster Turnaround Times

Because many other parts of the country have harsher winters, where deck construction is not possible in the winter, demand for materials is less. This typically leads to more “material availability” for composite decking, wood, and other essential materials. In this case, it allows us complete your deck faster because there’s less lead-time on material orders.

Deck Builders Have More Time To Focus on Your Project Than During Warmer Weather Seasons

During the spring rush, most popular contractors juggle multiple projects at once. At Pacific Outdoor Living, we try our best to meet our deadlines (let’s be honest, sometimes things happen!), though we offer quicker turnaround periods when we have fewer projects to manage. Avoid springtime if you want your new deck as soon as possible.

Staying off the Construction Project Is Easier During the Winter Months

You won’t be able to use your deck until our team finishes construction. During early spring, with all the tempting sunlight and warmer weather, many homeowners feel they’re missing out because of their off-limit deck. With colder temps in the winter, there is no temptation to be outside! 

Winter Offers Better Wood Curing

Because of the damp climate, nearly all of the decks we install at Pacific Outdoor Living are composite rather than natural wood. However, even these projects still require wood bases and feet.

After installation, wooden products must cure through a pressure treatment and preservation process to ensure the longevity of your deck.

Typically, the wood curing process works much better in the winter since it’s less humid. Our team uses rapid-setting concrete to ensure that your deck won’t rot, warp, or crack for many years.

We can also apply staining treatment without the strong summer sunlight, providing optimal results.

Contractors Prefer Winter Projects

The Pacific Northwest typically only gets snow on the ground for one week per year. During all other times, our teams enjoy the cool weather. Rather than sweating over a concrete mixer, our contractors like to wear hoodies and feel comfortable outdoors while working on decks.

Enjoy the Outdoors All Year With Winter Features for Your Deck: Built-in Hot Tubs, Heated Lamps, Waterproof Covers, and More!

Often, homeowners avoid going outside in the winter, but a new deck facelift can give you something to love and enjoy during all seasons of the year!

At Pacific Outdoor Living, our top priority is making our clients happy. We can install built-in hot tubs, heated lamps, comprehensive covers, or anything else you’d like to make your deck the perfect hangout spot all winter long.

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