Benefits of Composite Decking in the Pacific Northwest

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Are you tired of replacing your deck too often? If so, you likely need to choose a new decking material. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a unique climate, requiring homeowners to find outdoor products that withstand constant rain and humidity.

At Pacific Outdoor Living in Monroe, Washington, we install composite decking for 90% of our clients. We know the local weather challenges well, so we discovered the perfect long-lasting, fade-resistant, and low-maintenance solution for outdoor decks. Continue reading to learn the benefits of composite decking in the PNW.

benefits of composite decking in the pacific northwest

What Is a Composite Deck?

Various types of decking solutions exist, including wooden, composite, steel, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Each type offers different pros and cons, depending on your environment, though composite materials usually reign supreme in the Pacific Northwest.

A composite deck is a semi-synthetic decking material that uses recycled plastics and wood fibers. The composite boards have a weather-proof plastic coating while maintaining a strong interior.

Composite Decking Material vs. Wood Decking Benefits

When most people think of an outdoor patio or deck, they imagine an entirely wooden structure. Wooden decks might be the traditional solution, though modern materials offer increased benefits.

1. Durability

Natural wooden decking doesn’t withstand rain well. Wooden deck boards in the PNW usually suffer premature:

  • Rotting
  • Splintering
  • Warping
  • Cracking

Composite decks won’t rot, decay, or grow mold, regardless of how wet your climate is. The slip-resistant outer-shell plastic surface and interior wood threads offer optimal durability. You can also expect the composite deck stain to appear brand new for many years.

2. Longevity

Replacing your deck is a big financial decision that takes time. Most people want to avoid the deck construction process as much as possible by selecting materials that will last the longest.

Durability directly relates to longevity. Composite decking materials resist weather hazards and insects, unlike natural wood, allowing them to function well and look great for longer.

3. Easier Maintenance

A standard wooden deck requires regular pressure washing, sanding, staining, painting, and sealing. Such processes take days and usually involve expensive equipment. You might have to hire contractors when you want to refresh your wood deck to keep rot away.

Composite decking offers low maintenance requirements. The treated wood fibers already have a plastic coating that allows them to look fresh for many years. At most, you might want to sweep the decking boards or wash them with soap and water a couple of times a year.

We recommend picking a no-fade composite stain so you don’t damage the finish with accidental spills. Our Pacific Outdoor Living team can help you pick the right solution for your home.

4. Style Varieties

A cedar wood deck will look like wood, regardless of how you paint or treat it. While there’s nothing wrong with the natural cedar appearance, many homeowners prefer a more modern and sleek outdoor space. Composite decking comes in various colors and finishes to match your home’s aesthetic.

At Pacific Outdoor Living, we’ll help you design all aspects of your new deck: from the railings and boards to the nuts and screws. We can install a steel or aluminum railing for ultra-modern looks or stick with traditional composite railings for a traditional appeal. When designing your boards, you can pick colors that mimic steel or wood, depending on your preferences.

5. Sustainability

Composite decking uses recycled materials, making them the preferred environmentally friendly choice. The materials typically consist of reclaimed wood and recycled plastics, bringing used boards back to life so they can shine again.

Typical wood decks contribute to deforestation, and PVC solutions rely too heavily on synthetic plastics. With a composite deck, you achieve the perfect balance of recycled materials to help the planet while enjoying a new outdoor deck.

6. Longer Warranty Periods

Most decks come with warranty periods, so if something goes wrong, your contractor will repair or replace it for free within the time limitations.

Since composite decks are more durable, they usually come with much more extensive warranty periods, sometimes as long as two or three decades. Wood decking and railing systems usually have limited warranties due to the high likelihood of material rot and decomposition.

A long warranty will help you rest easy. Accidents always happen, so knowing that your deck builders will complete any necessary deck maintenance or repairs reduces your potential financial risks.

We recommend comparing warranty periods across different companies to find the best option for your needs. Avoid contractors or suppliers who don’t offer any product security.

7. Cost-effectiveness

When you compare the price of a wooden deck with a composite one, you might think that wood costs less. Many homeowners opt for wooden decking because they mistakenly think they’ll save money. When you factor in all of the long-term upkeep, maintenance, and repair costs, composite decking materials cost less than wood.

At Pacific Outdoor Living, we always recommend that our clients consider their long-term investments before fearing the upfront costs. The last thing you want is to pay for a new wooden deck that will need another costly replacement in only a few years. Composite decking will save you money in the long run and might increase your home’s value.

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