8 Backyard Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

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Did you know that your back yard offers benefits beyond functionality and style? Many home improvement projects increase your property value, so you can enjoy the upgrade and earn back some (or all) of your investment when you sell. So, what are the backyard improvements that add value?

At Pacific Outdoor Living, we want to help you use your renovation budget wisely. Below, our outdoor living space contractors in Monroe, WA, discuss the best outdoor improvement options for increasing property value. Our team can help you complete any of these projects and more, so continue reading to learn about each!

backyard improvements that add value

1. Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

Outdoor kitchens and bars provide function, style, and fun while increasing your property value. With spacious islands and built-in appliances like grills, refrigerators, and rustic fire pits, you can serve restaurant-quality meals while enjoying the outdoors. Our structures include ceiling coverage for rain and snow protection, fans to keep you cool in the summer, and fireplaces to keep you warm on winter nights so you can cook outside all year. 

If you want to skip some of the appliances, we can create an outdoor dry or wet bar space with a refrigerator, keg taps, and ample storage space. 

2. Luxury Fire Pits 

The Pacific Northwest is cold and rainy for many months of the year. A cozy fireplace can transform your uninviting yard into a comfortable environment where you want to hang out. Realtors often claim you can gain more than half of your fire pit investment back when you sell your house. 

Permanent gas fire pits offer the best investment returns, though even temporary, removable pieces can boost your property value. At Pacific Outdoor Living, we can custom-build a fire feature to match your yard, including built-in seating and unique stone walkways to elevate the visual effects. 

3. Privacy Pergolas and Coverings

Privacy is everything, especially for homes with close neighbors or busy streets. An intelligently placed pergola or covering transforms a barren yard into a secluded oasis that homebuyers want to purchase. Of course, you could use plants or non-permanent objects, though such temporary solutions won’t offer substantial returns. 

Coverings also help protect you from the weather. Trying to grill outside or enjoy your yard during the constant months of rain in the Pacific Northwest isn’t easy. Adding a solid cover to your deck helps you enjoy your outdoor features more. 

4. Updated Decking

Your deck should be at the top of the list when considering backyard improvements that add value. 

Wooden decks might look rustic, though they usually aren’t practical in the Pacific Northwest. Wood rots, cracks, and deteriorates from the excessive rain, causing increased repair and replacement bills down the line. Replacing your deck with a better-suited material like composite saves you money and increases your property value because of the improved durability and lifespan. 

Updated decking also elevates how your outdoor space looks and feels. Removing decaying wood planks and opting for custom solutions can bring your property’s true style to life. 

Our composite decks at Pacific Outdoor Living mimic the natural appearance of wood, slate, metal, and more. We also offer painted composite decks in various colors for a modern, sleek finish. 

5. Built-in Seating

Nothing looks more customized, luxurious, and expensive than built-in features. A simple bench built into the construction of your deck serves utility and style purposes while improving your home’s uniqueness and overall value. At Pacific Outdoor Living, we can add built-in benches and chairs around your fire pit, kitchen, outdoor living rooms, and anything else you desire.

We can help you design curved or straight built-ins to match your needs. Select materials that match your deck or patio floors and add comfort to the benches with throw pillows or blankets. Built-in seating also helps break up larger portions of your yard into defined living spaces. 

6. Unique Fences and Guardrails 

The fences or guardrails surrounding your outdoor living space are just as important as the deck itself. You can choose between many options, from horizontal cables to iron railings, though we recommend something that can withstand the climate. 

Stronger materials with modern styles can boost your property value. For example, yards with incredible views may do well with glass panel fences to show off the landscape. Again, we recommend avoiding wood and opting for a more durable material because of the damp weather.

7. Garden Pavers and Walkways

Spending money on a garden often won’t increase your property value because plants aren’t permanent items. Instead, you can use your garden budget wisely by installing pavers and walkways around your boxes, pots, and greenhouses to add style and make it easier for people to navigate the yard. Quality paved walkways can increase your property value as a patio would. 

At Pacific Outdoor Living, we can design hardscapes to fit your yard, including stairways, walkways, and feature areas. For example, if you want to put your favorite flowers on display, we can create a path to show them off. 

8. Outdoor Living Spaces

The average outdoor living space features up to 500 square feet of seating, fire pits, retaining walls, water features, lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances, and all the other items mentioned above. 

Our outdoor living space contractors at Pacific Outdoor Living can analyze your yard and create a customized design that takes advantage of your space. We can help you build anything from a kitchen and living room to a s’mores roasting station and star-gazing area.

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Your home is an investment, so it’s critical to pick the right improvement avenues. At Pacific Outdoor Living, we believe every home renovation project should add value to your property. Now that you know the backyard improvements that add value, learn more about different deck railing costs so you can start saving.

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